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World’s best accelerated cooking technology

Over 60 years of culinary expertise drives Merrychef’s innovative, award-winning technology. Combine this pedigree with their focus on continued advancement and it’s no mystery why their brand is now right at home in the Moffat stable.

Merrychef has been a pioneer in the industry and their products suit a broad range of kitchens, from small coffee shops to fine dining restaurants – anywhere demanding fresh, hot food on demand.

We are pleased to announce that Moffat will be the exclusive importer for the brand in Australia and New Zealand.

Manufactured in the UK, the Merrychef range enables fast, efficient and accurate heating. Each oven boasts a user-friendly touch panel interface, rapid heat up and cool down times and minimal operating noise.

Michael Lillico, Moffat’s General Manager of Sales and Marketing, calls them “best in class in every way”.

“Their ultra-simple easyTouch® touch panel interface really makes them stand out, and they also promise quicker heat up and cool down times than similar ovens out there,” says Michael. “By using a very smart combination of microwave and convection technology, and energy efficient standby mode, we can help operators cut the warm-up time of their ovens by around half.”

At the heart of the technological development is a ‘food fast, but not fast food’ ethos. The eikon® ovens reduce meal preparation time without creating less than desirable results. Products can be cooked on the eikon® e3 and e5 models from a chilled or frozen state more than five times faster than traditional cooking methods. The e2s, e4 and e4s models allows cooking times that are up to a remarkable 15 times faster.

Ease of use and flexibility of output is a big factor behind the success of the brand. Menus can be easily uploaded via a USB port, built-in diagnostics limit unnecessary service call outs and an additional ventilation system is not required, thanks to Merrychef’s latest catalyst technology.

A range of accessories (including paddles, Teflon liners and a panini grill) allow these compact ovens to act as somewhat of a Swiss army knife in small spaces.

Merrychef eikon® ovens, with their ability to deliver restaurant quality food in fast food times, will certainly make their mark on local food service operations with this new partnership. Needless to say, we expect to see more merry chefs and happy hospitality owners in the near future.