200,000 Little Kiwi books for little Kiwis

22 November, 2016 by
Hospitality Business

"Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada - May 27, 2012: A new style, redesigned McDoanld's MC Cafe location at dusk with illuminated signs in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada."

little-kiwi-1 little-kiwi-2The popular Little Kiwi books are on the menu at McDonald’s fast food restaurants as part of a nationwide Happy Meal trial. For a limited time, Kiwi parents can choose between t receiving  a Happy Meal toy or one of two children’s books.

Little Kiwi Flies to the Rescue and Little Kiwi is Scared of the Dark are part of the Little Kiwi series by New Zealand author and illustrator Bob Darroch.

McDonald’s has more than 200,000 Little Kiwi books available nationwide, contributing to more than 1 million books distributed by restaurants in the last two years.

Jo Mitchell, McDonald’s Director of Marketing, says the Little Kiwi book trial is a natural extension of the chain’s  annual book promotion.


“The response to previous books has been popular and parents tell us they like the option of a book.

“The Happy Meal continues to evolve with the changing needs of families,” adds Mitchell. “Earlier this year we gave away 100,000 apples, tested new drinks and sides, so we will continue to listen and try new things out.”








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