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Bite-sized chef training on the menu


Training in bite sized chunks!

If a three-year chef’s apprenticeship seems too big a mouthful to commit to, you can prep your up-coming cooks with the skills they need to create your menu by using one or both of ServiceIQ’s bite-sized training programmes.

The separate programmes can each be completed in just 18 months.

They are custom-designed to meet the needs of mid to high-end businesses, and cover the essential skills needed to create authentic basic or complex dishes, depending on the menu.

ServiceIQ Hospitality Sector adviser, Chris Treacher, says its flexible solution is popular with top quality restaurant and catering businesses who need to upskill employees working at different levels.   

“Some businesses need chefs who can make a simple cream of pumpkin soup, hollandaise sauce, or roast beef fillet, while others need to present diners with much more complex fare. Either way, all dishes, no matter the degree of difficulty, need to be made correctly to satisfy customers and maintain a great reputation for businesses in a competitive market,” says Treacher

The New Zealand Certificate in Cookery (Level 3) gives young chefs the low-down on how to confidently create high quality basic dishes including everything from tasty soups, sauces, meat, fish, pasta, rice and egg dishes to delicious simple desserts, pastry, cakes and scones.

The New Zealand Certificate (Level 4) takes aspiring young chefs who know the basics to the next level; discovering the culinary secrets and techniques it takes to create seriously involved dishes that impress discerning customers.

“For both employer and trainee, a shorter programme can feel easier to manage than a full apprenticeship,” says Chris.

The choice also works for a business needing to upskill their Level 3 qualified chef in the far more sophisticated menu of dishes they get at Level 4. For further information go to: