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New Ellerslie HQ for food rescue

Deborah Manning, CEO of KiwiHarvest: helping to reduce food waste and helping charities.

KiwiHarvest, Auckland’s fresh food rescue operation will open its new Ellerslie headquarters on February 22.  A social venture founded by chief executive officer,  Deborah Manning, the company collects quality surplus fresh food from supermarkets, wholesalers, growers, cafes and caterers, delivering it free of charge to Auckland’s charities, to be shared with people in need. 

 KiwiHarvest has delivered the equivalent of 750,000 meals to over 100 charities since its inception, thereby saving over 250 tonnes of good food from going to landfill.  While food rescue is its core focus, education and engaging communities lies at the heart of the company’s  mission.

 “Thanks to the generous support of Goodman Foundation and local businesses who have donated goods and services to us, KiwiHarvest is set to double the impact of our work with our new HQ in Central Park,  Ellerslie,”  says chairman David Kirk.

KiwiHarvest’s deliveries provide charities with a broad range of nutritious fresh foods for their clients. Vital funding can then be re-directed into education, rehabilitation and the other empowering programmes that break the cycle of need . Minimising food waste prevents tonnes of carbon emissions from polluting the atmosphere.

“Our food donors can reduce expenditure associated with the disposal of excess food while simultaneously making a valuable contribution to their local community.”