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What your drink says about you

Image - StereotypesGlobal data company YouGov has compiled data from over 400,000 panellists to profile what kind of people drink the world’s biggest liquor brands. If their system is correct, the average UK Jack Daniels drinker tends to lean to the political right, spends their time playing computer games or boxing, drives an Audi and shops at Asda. In contrast, the average British Dom Pérignon drinker is a 60-year-old male businessman whose favourite meal is lobster thermidor. He shops at Waitrose and drives a Jaguar.

Here are some other prominent profiles. If you enjoy a glass of Taylor’s Port, you are most likely to be a man aged over 60 who enjoys watching Countryfile, reading the Daily Express and own a pet fish. Taylor’s Port drinkers tend to enjoy whitebait and drive a Lexus. Those with a penchant for luxury Champagne brand Krug have around £1,000 to spare each month and are likely to enjoy the Formula One, own a dog, drive a Volvo, eat Roquefort quiche and read The Daily Telegraph. 

Generally reserved for men over the age of 60, those who choose to drink Napoleon Brandy enjoy model railways, international news and puzzles. Spy thriller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is likely to be among their favourite films and they enjoy venison burgers. According to YouGov, people who drink Smirnoff vodka are likely to bank with TSB, read The Sun and count Eastenders and the X Factor among their top TV choices. Their favourite dish is fajitas and they drive a Renault. 

Finally, those who enjoy a dram of Japanese whisky Yamazaki lean so far to the left in their political views they are practically falling over, according to the YouGov profiler. They are most likely to read the Guardian, enjoy US comedy The Big Bang Theory, skiing and the odd game of chess, possibly while stroking their cat.

For the record, TheShout’s drinks correspondent Neil Miller enjoys Jack Daniels, is politically to the right, reads The Sun, adores The Big Bang Theory and NCIS, has never owned a car, owns no pets, spends way too much on Star Wars, shops at New World and could happily live on lobster for the rest of his life.

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