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East Imperial combines the exotic for a brand new twist

rsz_grapefruit-tonic-webA partnership of two exotic flavours has resulted in the latest sophisticated mixer to join premium beverage maker East Imperial’s portfolio of all-natural drinks: East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic.

Grapefruit was not discovered until the 18th century and botanists believe it is the result of cross-breeding sweet oranges of Barbados with the pomelo, a citrus fruit native to Indonesia. The British knew that not only was this new fruit delicious, it had health benefits too – with sailors and explorers favouring it over lime and lemons due to its naturally higher vitamin C content.

Enter Harry Craddock, who was known in the 1930s for his fantastic cocktails at iconic London destinations The Savoy and The Dorchester Hotel. In his journals and recipes he often spoke of using the ‘forbidden fruit’ and it remained somewhat shrouded in mystery until recent years.

Inspired by Craddock and his notion of this forbidden fruit, East Imperial took the South East Asian pomelo, which delivers a deep rich orange note, and carefully blended it with the distinctive tangy flavours of ruby red grapefruit. The result? A tonic water that delivers the ultimate citrus balance to the premium vodka or gin of your choice, and complements the complex flavours and expert craftsmanship of these fine spirits.

The product is a unique addition to East Imperial’s portfolio and pays homage to the founders’ vision to create a range of beverages steeped in tradition, rich history and utmost quality. East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic contains no preservatives, artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours, making it an entirely natural and undeniably superior tasting beverage. As a result, it is also seriously low in sugar, with only 12g in total per serving – just over half of the amount of other tonic waters on the market.

In particular, the tonic pairs very well with traditional London dry gins and citrus-forward spirits, with the complementary presence of citrus notes resulting in a sassy and delectable drop.

Owner of Auckland bar Mea Culpa and expert mixologist, Tim Martin, recommends pairing the new East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic with Tanqueray 10 gin and a cinnamon quill garnish for a simple and satisfying cocktail. For a zesty yet balanced beverage, Tim has crafted a Grapefruit Tonic and Rogue Society Goldi Locks Dry Gin cocktail, which is garnished with a dehydrated grapefruit wheel, dried with white pepper.

The unique flavour of the East Imperial Grapefruit Tonic also holds it own without the addition of spirits, making it a great non-alcoholic option to enjoy at any time of the day.