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Four (more) years in the making…

rsz_1moa_four_more_years_beer_rrp2015In 2011, we won. We celebrated. We drank (of course). Moa Brewing Co. was inspired. Adrenaline pumping, head brewer David Nicholls had wild dreams of creating a one-of-a-kind celebratory beer and was willing to wait four more years to unveil it to the world. In 2011, the rugby beer was brewed.

He settled on a bold, dark stout aptly called Four More Years to be launched in line with the 2015 Rugby World Cup. 

It struck him that England is half way around the world and frustratingly 12 hours behind, so the brew would need an added kick to keep Kiwis awake in the wee hours of the morning. An infusion of coffee beans was the answer, adding a subtle caffeine hit and making the beer perfect for those getting up early (or staying up late).

Guatemalan coffee beans were selected with the help of boutique Marlborough roasting company, CPR Coffee. A tasting session turned Moa founder Josh Scott into a hyper-caffeinated coffee pro, feeling confident they’ve selected the finest quality beans for the brew; “the Guatemalan beans were chosen because of their low bitterness levels, high aromatics and low oil content. The result is subtle yet there is a definite energising kick,” says Josh.

The brew has now been aging in French oak barrels for four years, a timely nod to the French team who bowed to New Zealand in the 2011 final.

Tasting notes: Big robust beer, like a gutsy red wine. Rich dark roasted malt and leather characters, all infused with a delicate coffee aroma that exudes a typical freshly roasted coffee and handmade chocolate flavour.

ABV: 12.1% Alc.

Size: 375ml

RRP: $20.15

Availability: Limited run of only 444 bottles, each uniquely numbered. Available at selected craft beer retailers from late September.