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MASU by Nic Watt updates express ekiben menu

rsz_masu_ekiben1After two years the popular ekiben express lunch offer at MASU by Nic Watt is having a makeover. Ekiben are a specific type of bento boxed meal sold on trains and at train stations in Japan and Taiwan and which comprise a convenient, healthy and tasty express meal. Many train stations in Japan have become famous for their especially tasty ekiben made from local food specialties.

The central Auckland restaurant located in SKYCITY’s Federal Street is updating its premium ekiben express lunch menu. Now all items arrive at the table at the same time – perfect for those who want to dine and depart within a lunch break, to have a quick lunch meeting or for a catch up with friends. There are three choices on offer at $45, $55 and $65 per person with the menu available 12 noon to 3pm Monday to Friday.

Continuing MASU’s theme of contemporary Japanese fare, chef restaurateur Nic Watt and his team have designed the three new ekiben variations of the traditional Japanese bento box offering. Now they are reconstructed and presented as an elegant and well thought iteration of the traditional offering.

The three options are:

Option 1 ($45pp)

tendon – assorted seafood & vegetable tempura on rice, tendon sauce

wakame salada – wakame and cucumber salad, sesame, rice vinegar dressing

miso shiru – white miso, aburage, wakame

Option 2 ($55pp)

sansho karaage – sansho fried chicken, pineapple and gochujang sauce

chasoba – king crab, green tea noodles, warm chasoba sauce

kimuchi daikon – daikon kimchi

gohan – steamed rice with MASU seasoning

Option 3 ($65pp)

sa-roin sute-ki – wakanui sirloin, black pepper miso

maguro pirikara  – spicy tuna, cucumber, jalapeno mayonnaise

nasu tsukemono – pickled eggplant salad

miso shiru  – white miso, aburage, wakame

gohan – steamed rice with MASU seasoning

Available now, bookings recommended by phoning reservations (09) 363 6278. Online bookings can be made at