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Popular meat board returns to Ponsonby icon along with fresh new look

It’s a case of something old, something new for Jervois Steak House, which has had a subtle facelift over winter; added some new menu options, and brought back a fan-favourite feature to its dining experience.

The iconic Auckland steakhouse has received an age-appropriate glow-up – fresh paint, new lighting, plush leather seating, drapes and wallpaper. The new interior is a mix of rustic and modern, in-line with the spirit of the heritage building, but still delivers the cosy dining experience JSH’s die-hard fans know and love.

There are some tempting additions to the existing menu – seasonal dishes including chicken, fish and vegetarian options – and a new JSH luxe version of “surf ‘n’ turf” for good measure. And the refresh also sees the much-loved “meat board” back in circulation, from which guests can choose the most premium cut of beef on offer.

The premium steak house has revitalised its heritage space while preserving the building’s century-long history. Keen-eyed regulars will also notice new additions to the existing menu, as well as the return of the beloved “meat board” which diners can select their cut from.

The new interior blends rustic elements from the building’s original design with modern warm colours, and James Russ lighting. The seating is in plush new leather – some produced using a bespoke tan called “Jervois Molasses.”

Matteo Mannoni, general manager of JSH Auckland, says the refurbishment has been a carefully considered process that honours the spirit of the heritage building, while maintaining the dining experience the restaurant’s legions of afficionados know and love.

“We don’t follow trends at JSH, our offering has always been timeless fine dining, and that is reflected in our décor refresh. When you are serving the country’s best beef, lamb and produce, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. But the new interior still feels beautifully crafted and thoughtful. It’s about investing in the enjoyment and longevity of the space,” says Matteo.

Gavin Doyle, Foley Hospitality executive group chef, says the addition of several mouthwatering new seasonal dishes will tempt even the most committed regulars from their usual order.

“We’ve also brought back the beloved meat board, giving guests the chance to see the different cuts of beef side-by-side, so they know exactly what they’re choosing from the menu.”

The new entrées feature a chicken liver parfait; burrata with roasted cashew romesco, and a grilled crayfish with lemon butter. Additions to the main selection include a pan-fried market fish, and a handmade gnocchi. Customers now also have the option to top their steak with a grilled half-crayfish – JSH’s luxe take on a traditional “surf ‘n’ turf.”

To finish, the new desserts include brûléed coconut rice pudding and a Manjari chocolate torte with caramelised white chocolate ganache.