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Moa continues to lead growth in craft beer sector

rsz_moa_brewery_is_diversifying_into_10_pack_cans_it_says_is_perfect_for_enjoying_outdoors_1MOA GROUP LTD (NZX:MOA) has announced its provisional results for the year ended March 31 and an update on recent performance.

Based on the latest Nielsen Scantrack Grocery data in the last year to 27 03 2016[1], MOA has the number 1 (Moa Original 12 packs) and number 2 (Moa Session Pale Ale 12 packs) selling craft beers in New Zealand by value, now well ahead of all craft beers in this country including those products produced by Lion (Mac’s) and DB (Monteith’s). Both these Moa SKUs are also in high growth, having the fastest growing market share of the top five craft beer products nationally.

At a brand level the company is also performing, with MOA now at number 3 in total craft (behind Mac’s and Monteith’s) and having overtaken Asahi-owned Boundary Rd.   Of the top five craft brands in New Zealand, MOA is also the fastest growing with 53.0 per cent growth compared to a category growth rate of 20.8 per cent.

New product development remains a key focus, with the company recently piloting a Session Pale Ale Style brew in cans for wider release through New Zealand later this year.  This lighter style craft beer is aimed at those occasions where a can is a far lighter and safer vessel, making it ideal for enjoying post-outdoor activities like fishing, boating, hiking, skiing and surfing. The cans will be sold in 10 packs, with the format having recently become a high growth product in Australia.

The only publicly listed beer brand in New Zealand, the company now has 1600 shareholders – an increase of 400 new shareholders since listing. Based on this data, MOA is the largest New Zealand owned beer brand in the New Zealand market.