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Nespresso launches new breakfast campaign

rsz_screen_shot_2016-06-24_at_25802_pmThe wind, rain and early start didn’t dampen the spirits of the 60 guests at Nespresso’s breakfast event at Ostro last week, held to mark the launch of the coffee mega brand’s 2016 breakfast campaign. As media and influencers sipped on Nespresso’s new 24th Grand Cru Envivo Lungo and nibbled on Chef Josh Emett’s Buckwheat Galette with Champagne Ham and Swiss Cheese, moderator Jesse Mulligan hosted a discussion between Vend CEO Vaughan Rowsell, Nike Trainer Kirsty Godso, unapologetic ‘snoozer’ Marty Hehewerth, wellbeing journalist and yoga champion Rachel Grunwell and the early achieving Josh Emett. As panellists debated the belief that the most productive people are the ones who get up early, a mine of insights into how some of New Zealand’s most influential personalities start their day were revealed.

Integral to the event – and campaign – are the five morning personalities identified by Nespresso. If you’re an Early Achiever for example, you’re the type of person who is determined to attack the day, rising early to get more done “ahead of the others”. Or if you happen to lust after an extra five minutes dozing, you’re more than likely a Snoozer. Chef Josh Emett was representing the Early Achievers and said “I always like to get as much done as possible before 9am, including a morning run, planning the day ahead, hopefully dropping the kids off at school and having a big breakfast. Coffee is a fundamental part of that process and I’ve often had at least two by that point. An early one is essential to get me going, and then I can’t resist a second on the run in the car when I head out.”

Nespresso New Zealand Country Manager, Guillaume Chesneau, says that coffee features highly in getting Kiwis moving in the morning. “Three quarters of our Club Members say their morning coffee is a ritual they savour no matter whether they start the day raring to go or in a more relaxed frame of mind.

“Our Grand Cru range now comprises 24 different coffees, enabling people to set the tone for their morning – mild or intense, short or long, caffeinated or decaffeinated. The 2016 Nespresso Breakfast Campaign is all about understanding where you fit in the profile and choosing the right Grand Cru to match your type.”

Included in the 24 is Envivo Lungo; the brand’s first Lungo Grand Cru to join the intense range. Nespresso partnered with leading New Zealand chef and Nespresso Culinary Ambassador, Josh Emett, to bring to life five popular morning rituals with an exclusive breakfast recipe and Grand Cru to match. “Whatever sort of morning person you are,” says Mr Chesneau, “Josh has created a dish to match and enjoy along with your favourite Grand Cru – for the perfect start to your day.”