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New international association launched for hotel execs

rsz_iahe_logo_portraitThe International Association of Hotel Executives (IAHE) has been launched to recognise the contribution of key hotel executives to the hospitality industry and provide support and assistance to members throughout their careers and beyond.

Membership is open to all those who have served as Head of Function in roles across 13 categories: Manager/Resident Manager/EAM; Director of Finance; Director of Sales & Marketing; Director of Human Resources; Director of Rooms; Director of Food & Beverage; Director of Revenue Management; Director of IT; Director of PR; Executive Chef; Executive Housekeeper; Chief Engineer; Head of Security.

The new association is a subsidiary of the International Association of Hotel General Managers (IAHGM) and the two will be run as separate entities, sharing links in relevant areas. John Cameron, CEO of IAHE & IAHGM explains: ‘’during the development of our global Association for hotel general managers, we received significant interest from other hotel professionals looking for independent support. Therefore, we felt a responsibility to create a bespoke solution that meets their needs, without taking anything away from the exclusive offering established for GMs.’’

He adds, ‘‘it makes real sense for us to nurture the interests of this wider industry group, especially as they account for a large part (approx 80 per cent) of the talent pool for future GMs.’’

Benefits of IAHE include portable medical, life insurance and retirement/savings plan options, which will stay with the member regardless of job status and country of residence.  Those looking for career assistance and support will be able to take advantage of the Career Management Centre (CMC), which provides independent evaluation and assessment, career development plans and the formulation of an extensive and professional candidate package. This enables hotel executives looking for more senior opportunities within their current discipline, as well as those aspiring to become a GM, to have access through the CMC’s selection process, to GMs and hotel companies around the world.

Cameron adds: ‘’as well as the many benefits for hotel execs planning their next career move, the shared Career Management Centre offers a major benefit for General Managers who are members of IAHGM, as they will have exclusive access to an international database of hotel executive candidates at discounted rates. We believe that the many synergies between the two will benefit the hospitality industry as a whole and we look forward to seeing both associations evolve for their members.’’