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Northland welcomes move to Orange

Hospitality and accommodation venues across Northland are welcoming Kiwis back to the region with the switch to the orange traffic light system at midnight, says Hospitality New Zealand.

“The announcement of the move is great news and a welcome relief to businesses across the region who have been severely restricted till now,” says Chief Executive White.

“They’ve done it particularly hard as they missed the usual influx of visitors from Auckland because of the sealed border.

“I’ve spoken to our Northland Branch President, John (Kojak) Maurice, and while he’s delighted at the news, he points out businesses have missed the real high point of their season and need all the support they can get to help them recover something before winter.

“I encourage everyone, and particularly Aucklanders, to get up there. With their long weekend just a week away it would be great to see support for a region that has done it tough.”

White also welcomes further clarity around the traffic light system – that there will be warnings before moving back into red, and that lockdowns will be an absolute last resort.

“What is slightly concerning is the lack of Rapid Antigen Test kits that are on hand right now.

“I know many more are on order, but there is a world-wide shortage, and what we’ve seen overseas is that they are crucial to keeping the workforce going, particularly front-facing staff, not just in hospitality but across most industries and through the supply chain.

“Ensuring businesses have a plentiful supply will be crucial to keep the economy ticking over.”