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Return of the Mac

rsz_macs_cider_chilli_&_limecropA pioneer of the New Zealand beer scene since 1981, Mac’s knows a thing or two about brewing great beer, and has picked up thirty-odd years of great stories along the way. A fresh new look for the Mac’s beer and cider range helps bring this rich history to life, as well as helping make beer exploration simpler for drinkers.

Dave Pearce, from Mac’s, says: “Mac’s has such a great legacy of creativity and innovation, and we think our new look really brings that to life visually. As the original craft beer in New Zealand, Mac’s has a rich heritage that we’re very proud of. It’s a great story, and so we’re telling different parts of that story on each bottle and pack, like where the legendary rip-cap comes from, and why we have our distinctive ribbed bottles. We are also mighty proud of our amazing brewers, and the many awards the great beers they brew have won, so our new packs also showcase some of medals the each beer has won in the last few years.”

“We also love the idea of helping people explore the different beers in our range, and in the world of beer in general. That can be a quite daunting experience at times, so we’ve developed a really simple way of helping out – our new flavour scale which features on every bottle, pack and on our beer taps.”

The new flavour scale aims to help drinkers choose a beer that best suits their taste, mood or occasion! Ranging from 1 to 7, it will provide drinkers with a better understanding of what to expect from the beer they choose – beers at the “quenching” end of the scale are crisp, clean and refreshing, while the “savouring” end of the scale is for beers offering more complex or intense flavours. The new cider range also uses the scale.

Dave continues: “There are great styles of beer at both ends of the scale – the idea is simply to give people a helping hand in choosing the kind of beer they’re looking for. Of course there’s more to know about different styles than can be captured in our scale, so there’s extra info on the bottles and packs, on our website, and elsewhere – but we think having a simple guide is a great place to start. ”