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Sachie’s Kitchen meal kits bring a chef’s touch to home cooking

rsz_sachieskitchen_131_of_144_1Celebrated Asian-fusion chef Sachie Nomura of Australasia’s most popular cooking school, Sachie’s Kitchen, today announced her latest venture; authentic Pan-Asian meal kits for New Zealanders to create at home. Sachie’s Kitchen meal kits will give New Zealanders the chance to recreate Sachie’s delicious recipes at home, with all the hard work already done.

Renowned for her Asian cooking expertise, Sachie is passionate about making Asian food accessible to everyone. She hopes that the meal kits will dispel the misconception that Asian cuisine is too difficult to achieve at home, and encourage New Zealanders to give it a go no matter their experience.

“I want all New Zealanders to be able to enjoy the flavours of Asia at home,” says Sachie. “I’ve designed these kits so people will have the confidence to give Asian food a go, whether it’s their first time cooking or as a more experienced chef. It gives people the chance to try something new with friends and family.”

Available in seven varieties including Pad Thai, Vietnamese Summer Rolls, Thai Red Curry, Lemongrass Chicken, Japanese Teriyaki Chicken, Indonesian Beef Rendang, and Malaysian Laksa, the meal kits highlight a combination of traditional Asian meals that Kiwis will be familiar with, and some of Sachie’s personal favourites.

Each Sachie’s Kitchen meal kit includes all the base ingredients you need, including pastes, sauces, herbs and spices and noodles or rice, with only a couple of additional perishable ingredients required to create an authentic Asian meal at home. The pastes have been prepared locally by Sachie herself, and she has sourced some of the more exotic authentic herbs and spices directly from Asia – meaning the kits provide the best of both worlds by using traditional, authentic ingredients as well as taking advantage of New Zealand’s fresh produce.

The kits, which serve four, are the perfect solution for time-poor families and New Zealanders looking for an easy, quick weeknight meal that’s also nutritious and flavoursome. “I’ve done all the hard work, so all you really need to do is throw it all together!” Sachie says.

With only the best ingredients used in each kit, they are equally able to hold their own as an impressively top quality meal – ideal for a special occasion or taking to a pot luck dinner with friends.

Sachie began Sachie’s Kitchen six years ago in Mission Bay, before relocating to her current kitchen in Parnell after high demand, and has since expanded, doubling the space in 2015. Since then, up to 50,000 New Zealanders have been through Sachie’s Kitchen and millions more have watched Sachie’s TV show, which is syndicated into 35 countries. Sachie’s Kitchen is currently rated the number one and most awarded cooking school in Australasia.

Sachie’s Kitchen meal kits in Malaysian Laksa, Pad Thai, Vietnamese Summer Rolls, Japanese Teriyaki Chicken and Indonesian Beef Rendang varieties are available for RRP $9.99 at leading supermarkets now, with Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken and Thai Red Curry available from June 2016.