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Stonegrill reveals we are a nation of steak lovers, medium rare

StonegrillThe results of a recent survey have shown that New Zealand is a nation of steak lovers. The consumer poll, organised by hot stone cooking brand, Stonegrill New Zealand, was run throughout June to tie in with International Steak Month, which is celebrated globally every year.

A resounding 70 per cent named steak as one of their top ten dishes and 13 per cent said steak was their favourite food. The survey also revealed that most prefer it served medium rare (50 per cent) with 25 per cent liking it rare and only 9 per cent choosing well done. Eye fillet came out as the top cut (35 per cent), followed by scotch fillet, ribeye and sirloin.  

“Steak is a mainstay on most New Zealand menus, including at Stonegrill restaurants. We wanted to find out just how popular it is with diners and whether there are any common likes and dislikes that could help us provide an even better steak-eating experience,” explains Peter Busch, Stonegrill New Zealand National Manager. “One thing that really stood out is that a lot of people are now opting for medium rare or rare. Years ago, meat in New Zealand was generally overcooked and grey but people have gradually realized that red meat is tastier and has a better texture when it’s pink.” 

Many New Zealand restaurants are nailing the cooking of steak with 42 per cent of Kiwis saying that the chef usually manages to cook it to their preference. Only 19 per cent claim that it is difficult to find a well-cooked steak.

“It’s great news that so many chefs are listening to their customers and giving them exactly what they want,” says Peter. “How steak is cooked is entirely down to personal taste so restaurants should be able to provide everything from rare through to well-done, even if that’s not how they would eat it themselves.”  

Stonegrill, where food is served already cooking on hot volcanic stones, is endorsed by Heart Foundations around the world for being one of the healthiest ways of cooking meat, including steak. This is because the method uses no added fats or oils and sears the food without burning. The high temperature obtained with Stonegrill sears the meat faster and locks in the natural juices and nutrients, enhancing the full flavour and tenderness.