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The taste of Spain at “Sell out Prices”

The taste of Spain at an unbeatable prices – Selling out now !

3 Unique lines of products imported directly from Spain which are versatile, convenient, no wastage and will give you a good margin. Up to 40 % off the full range !

Spanish Croquette Range
Made with béchamel and traditional Spanish ingredients.
5 Varieties : Cured Ham, Atlantic Cod, Seafood, Beef & Pepper, Blue Cheese
Portion size : 25g, 45g, 80g
Preparation : Always cook from frozen, deep fry at 180 ° Cfe2Spanish Potato Omelette
( Gluten Free, Lactose Free, NO Preservatives or Colourings )
2 Varieties : With Onion, or with Chorizo
Portion size : 700g
Preparation : From the freezer, thaw, cook in the microwave for 5 mins.fe3Spanish Stuffed Peppers
The Sweet tasting peppers from the North of Spain, combined with béchamel sauce and other Spanish ingredients.
A great dish, tapas or as a compliment on the plate.
3 Varieties : Beef, Atlantic Cod, Seafood ( prawns & surimi )
Portion size : 60g
Preparation : From the freezer, thaw, cook in a pan with your own sauce on medium heat for 10 mins.fe4

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