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Vegetarian burger hits chicken chain

Feathers might be ruffling at Texas Chicken New Zealand! The fried chicken brand that prides itself on serving customers flavoursome chicken, has unveiled its first ever plant-based option, the Vegetarian Texan.

The new patty is made from pumpkin puree and carrot, along with potato, spinach, onions, red pepper and herbs. It is topped with cheese, freshened with crispy lettuce and finished with a smear of mayo and mustard.

There are a number of different combo options, which will be available for a limited time:

  • The Vegetarian Texan Burger
  • Vegetarian Texan Combo – Vegetarian Texan Burger, Small drink, Small chips
  • Vegetarian Texan Duo Combo – 2x Vegetarian Texan Burgers, 2x Small drinks, 2x Small chips, 2x Hot Buttered Buns

“More and more of our Kiwi customers have been asking for plant-based options, so we have listened and responded to that demand,” explains Tyler Stead, General Manager of Texas Chicken New Zealand. “The Vegetarian Texan is perfect if you are trying to cut down on the amount of meat you eat but still want a burger that packs a big flavour punch.”

This year, Texas Chicken is celebrating six years since the brand landed in New Zealand from the USA and started providing Kiwis with its ‘world-famous hand battered, 12-hour marinated, freshly cooked chicken and sides.’