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High Street coffee wars take off

In an apparent bid to entice office workers back to their inner city workplaces two UK food service chains have launched new coffee campaigns. Healthy fast food chain Leon is launching its own “unlimited” coffee offer just days after Pret A Manger revealed a similar deal.

Leon says it will give customers “unlimited” coffee for a 30-day period for a one-off payment of £15.($NZ30.00)

While the terms and conditions of the deal say you’re limited to 75 drinks over 30 days, that still works out at 20p (.40cents) a coffee if used to the full extent.

“Our new Unlimited Coffee offer is £15 for 30 days for as many coffees as you can drink – or carry,” Leon said while announcing the new deal on Twitter.

“Once purchased, we’ll send you a unique code that you can redeem time and time again for the next 30 days.”

At the end of the 30 days, any unredeemed coffees will be unavailable.

The move follows a similar one from popular high street baguette and bakery chain, Pret A Manger that launched earlier this week.

Called YourPret  the company said customers will be able to buy up to five coffees a day, every day for a month for £20.($NZ40.00).

The offer – which could add up to 150 drinks – covers all barista-made coffees as well as teas, hot chocolates, smoothies and frappes, and the subscription will be free for the first month.

By contrast, the Leon deal cannot be used for teas or hot chocolate, or in conjunction with any other offers and its offer can only be used for purchases on Smart Order, not at kiosks or tills in a Leon restaurant.