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World’s first blue beer hits the internet

TS - Blue Beer - imageA beer made using seaweed, flowers and the melt water from icebergs that is naturally blue in colour is now available online. Abashiri Brewery created the beer a few years ago but until now it has only been available in Japan.

Described as the “bluest beer in the world” (and likely the only one), the Okhotsk Blue Draft uses natural ingredients including seaweed, flowers and Chinese yam to get its unique colour.

The water used in its production is similarly unique, being gathered from icebergs melting in the Sea of Okhotsk to the north of Japan.

Abashiri is no stranger to coloured beers. It also brews a red beer made with anthocyans, a naturally occurring ingredient, and a green beer which is fermented with seaweed.

The brewery is most famous, or infamous, for a drink called Bilk – a mixture of beer and milk.